Star Trek Beyond

The rebooted Star Trek franchise has proven to be a bit of an enigma among fellow blockbusters in that each of its three first movies have largely been stand-alone adventures- which is a breath of fresh air in a time dominated by cliffhangers and universe building. While I found the villain Krall to be fairly mediocre, the crew of the Enterprise seems more at home in their roles than ever, and, if nothing else, the movie¬†wins points for the best use of the Beasty Boys I’ve ever seen.

Release Date: July 22nd, 2016
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 83%


2 thoughts on “Star Trek Beyond

  1. Couldn’t agree more. I thought that the twist with Krall added a bit more depth to his character; it was revealed pretty late though.


    1. I definitely didn’t DISlike him, I just thought he was pretty generic. He was mad because “I’m a soldier and I need war,” which has been done like 500 times before. He also didn’t have any connection to anyone else in the movie, making his vendetta pretty detached and superfluous. The twist and backstory were definitely cool, but I wish they would have been given some time to breath. The twist didn’t really effect the story at all- it could have never happened and everything would have played out exactly the same.

      What I DID really like about what they did with him is that they didn’t try to do another Earth-destroying or universe-ending plot. It was just one (granted, huge) space station being targeted. It’s nice to see a movie with a smaller-scale, localized conflict. It definitely seemed more in line with the old TV show than the last two movies.

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